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Market Days

Please read this page in its entirety before registering for the event!

Stay tuned for Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Market Day dates!

Registering for Market Day

Click on the button to register and pay for Market Day

Your registration is confirmed when you receive the following:

A payment receipt

A space assignment email from the Market Day coordinator.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please call 512-245-3219 or email

Per the new Solicitation UPPS 07.04.03 (you can find out more information here), Student Involvement will sponsor non-university entities to solicit on campus for designated days. There will be a charge of $105 per booth space.

Proceeds will be available for student organizations per section 04.04. c:

Market Days will be designated for at least two one-day periods each long-term semester for the activities authorized under this policy with time, place and manner of non-university entities. The activities must be conducted in compliance with State law, Texas State University System (TSUS) Board of Regents’ Rules and university policies and procedures. Texas State shall charge to non-university entities, an appropriate fee for the privilege of conducting such activities. All university profits raised via Market Days will be allocated to student organizations via Student Involvement @LBJSC.

If you are a non-university entity/vendor that is interested in soliciting on campus by participating in Market Days, please email to be put on our email list.


Terms and Conditions

Student Involvement reserves the right to decline any submissions or cancel an event at any time for any reason. By registering for the event, the vendor hereby agrees to all Terms and Conditions.

Non-university entities/vendors must pay $105 per booth in order to confirm reservation. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Refunds are provided if you cancel your participation at least one week prior to the event OR if we cancel an event and you cannot make the rescheduled date.

Submissions will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment must be done through the MarketPlace store.  

There shall be no sexually suggestive costumes or nudity of any kind allowed at any time. This also applies to advertising/promotional materials. 

Vendors must stay within their booth area so that traffic flow is not compromised. Booth spaces are 10'x10'. All booths must also be held down by a weight on each corner to ensure that booths do not shift or move in inclement weather. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, tents, etc. Texas State University and Student Involvement do not provide power to vendors.

If selling food, vendor must provide a current copy of their food handling certification. Vendors are expected to abide by the food safety guidelines provide by the Environmental, Health, Safety, & Risk Management office. Information can be found here

If a vendor is wanting to pass out drinks or food, one person with food-handling certification must be present at the booth at all times. Drinks must be Coke-related products. 

Advertising and promotional activities shall not encourage or imply approval or acceptance of alcohol abuse, underage drinking, drinking and driving, drinking as a solution to personal or academic problems or drinking as necessary to social, sexual or academic success. Prohibited items include beer mugs, margarita glasses, shot glasses, etc.

The sale or giving away of alcohol- or tobacco-related logo items is prohibited.

Vendors must clean up all trash after the event is over and return the space to its original condition.

Permissible solicitation must be conducted in a manner that will not:

  • Interfere with academic or other institutional programs that are being carried on in campus facilities
  • Interfere with the free and unimpeded flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and streets and places of ingress and egress to and from campus buildings
  • Use obscene or libelous language or materials
  • Have any items of a sexual nature
  • Promote the student use of alcohol or tobacco products
  • Harass, embarrass or intimidate the person or persons being solicited
  • Advocate the deliberate violation of a federal or state law or a published Regent’s Rules or university policy
  • Constitute disorderly conduct, disrupt classroom discussion, impede maintenance of public order or constitute a danger to the person distributing or disseminating material or any other individual or group
  • Litter the campus grounds
  • Violate City of San Marcos ordinance on posting of material on utility, traffic light poles or other public structures (Contact: City of San Marcos, Building & Inspections, 393-8232) 


Map of the Quad from the Stallions statue to the LBJ statue. Includes Derrick Hall, Evans Auditorium, Comal Hall and Flowers Hall

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