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Table Tent Request Form

Table tent request forms are due to Student Involvement at least 10 business prior to your request dates and no earlier than 1 month prior. Table tents may only be up for two consecutive weeks. All forms policies and procedures are subject to change and can be found on our Campus Access site.

1 table tent per organization/department per table.




Tents are only permitted to remain up for two consecutive weeks
Pleae provide a detailed description of the event you are advertising (recruitment, etc)

Table tent designs may not exceed  an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and must follow all Texas State posting guidelines

Designs must be reviewed and approved by Student Involvement.
Please check the following statements showing you have read and understood *

No publicity items of any type may be taped, tacked, glued, or stapled to trees, fences, statues or to any brick, concrete or painted surface inside or outside of any university facility. Signs may not be affixed to tree trunks, fire hydrants or curbs.


Activities that mention lottery, raffle, door prize, or any references to a chance made on the admission ticket, stub, or any

advertisement must have a sample raffle ticket submitted along with solicitation paperwork. Only charitable organizations may

conduct a lottery or raffle. You can find more information at (UPPS 07.04.03)


Any give-away items free of charge must be in good taste and must not promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

Whenever possible, please support Texas State with your promotional materials.


Use of obscene or libelous language or materials is not allowed.


 University Policies and Procedures regarding solicitation can be found


University Policies and Procedures regarding information only flyers and/or booths can be found


 University Policies and Procedures regarding the Campus Expression area can be found