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Leadership On Demand

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Due to a variety of operational changes, the Service & Leadership Institute will be pausing Leadership On Demand services until further notice. 

In the meantime, we offer a variety of online resources to utilize in your classrooms, programs, services and retreats. You can find our list of 24/7 resources here.

If you are in a student organization or advise a student organization on campus, our Student Organization Leadership and Development (SOLD) workshop series provides workshops both in-person and online brought to you in partnership with Student Organizations Council (SOC) and the Service & Leadership Institute. You can find out more about SOLD here.

If you instruct a US1100 course, we encourage you to request a Student Involvement Presentation brought to you by a member of our Department which covers the programs, services and events offered by Student Involvement, including the Service & Leadership Institute. You can make a presentation request here

We thank you for your understanding!


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  • We believe that leadership is a process, not a position. That we are always practicing leadership in a variety of ways, not just when we are in certain positions. This workshop includes a LEGO activity, defining leadership, a leadership styles assessment, and how to get involved with the Leadership Institute.

  • Leadership has changed over the course of time, and with those changes we have seen many new concepts and ideas regarding leadership. This workshop is focused on taking a look at different leadership theories, the leadership messages we have received, and the five bases of power. Spoiler alert - we often include how it relates to Game of Thrones or Parks and Rec, sometimes we'll throw in your favorite shows after we connect!

  • We often know our top strengths, but how many of us know our top core values? This workshop is focused around identifying what your core values are and how you can lead with your core values. As you think of this workshop, keep in mind space and location as we will need room for the main activity included in this workshop.

  • Knowing your teams/groups top strengths is not only important for cohesion within your group, but as well as preparing you and your team for future challenges. This workshop focuses on identifying your top 5 strengths, a team map of each person's strength, and as well as a few activities to really vocalize our strengths.

  • Sometimes we need to really identify our personality styles that coincide with our leadership styles and how we can lead with this knowledge. This workshop is focused on how people vs. task oriented we are and as well as our extrovert vs. introvert level.

  • True Colors is an assessment designed to help you better understand yourself and others and focuses on self-awareness, promote individual differences, and help as a team builder to understand the preferred styles of people you work with. The workshop includes an overview of True Colors, the assessment, understanding the colors (strengths, stressors, etc.), and how to move forward.

  • This workshop provides a few interactive leadership lessons and activities, as well as an overview of who we are, what do we offer, and as well as promotional swag that your students or team/group would love! We often include this workshop with another one of our workshops as well to continue the engagement.

  • Have you heard of some of our other presentations, trainings, or workshops but didn't see it on the list? Request a customized workshop where we can discuss what you are looking for and what we can help you with! Our team has workshops that focus around communication, team building, and more!